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Commentary on Delail-i Hayrat

The Most Beautiful Prayers and Salavats

Title of Work: Kara Davud

Work Subtitle: Commentary of Delaili Hayrat

Author Name: Kara Davudzade Mehmet Efendi

Publisher: Bahar Publications

Original Language: Turkish

Skin Information: Stitched Hard Cover

Paper Information: 60 gr. Imported Paper

Date of Publication: January 2020

Printing Information: 3rd Edition

Number of Pages: 962

Book Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm.

ISBN No: 978-975-45050-2-3

Barcode No: 9789754505023

Label Price: 95 TL



Full Text Commentary on Kara Davud Delail-i Hayrat

The Most Beautiful Prayers and Salavats

It is well known and understood by everyone that the Islamic consciousness has begun to be awakened and awakened among the people of our country and Muslims. Everybody with a mature sanity says to himself, "Why was man sent to the world?"He asks the question and tries to find the answer in the end. Every person who learned the truth of man and his creation began to want to learn the science necessary to carry out deeds that would bring him closer to Allah. His desire to make up for his lack of knowledge in these matters leads him to learn science with great enthusiasm. For this reason, the volume of publishing in our country has expanded in recent years as the need and supply is needed, and naturally, works on Islamic and other subjects have started to be published. Therefore, the work named "DELAIL-I HAYRAT" and "KARA DAVUD", which has an explanation, was prepared for publication and made another scientific service with the desire and hope of giving everything better. This work, originally in Ottoman, is much more beautiful in terms of style, layout and arrangement than the equivalent values ​​translated into Turkish today.

This valuable work, the content of which is based entirely on Salavat-ı Şerif and prayers, is also a historical artifact. The author of this book, which is a source work, is a great Islamic scholar, who is the pole of his unique age in science and piety. Hz. Many scholars explained the work of this great scholar, who was a descendant of Ali. The most well-known of these commentaries is this commentary made by Kara Davud Efendi.

Kara Davud Efendi is a great Islamic scholar who lived in the period of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566). Kara Davud Efendi gave the name of the book as "Muvaffik'ul-Hayrât Li Neyl'il-Berekât Funds Service Menbais-Saadat" that is "The Book That Achieves Success in the Way of Being a Nail to Abundance by Serving the Messenger of Allah, which is the Source of Happiness". Since it is difficult to say because of the length of its name, this work was mentioned by the name of the person who interpreted this work, and it was recognized by both the scientists and the public. The value of the work will be better understood as you read it, and many benefits will be gained. We ask Allah Almighty that this work will be useful to our virtuous and believing readers like other works. May Allah Almighty make this work of great spiritual value beneficial to our sentence and be instrumental in good deeds. May it increase our money and good deeds. May the mercy and grace of Allah be on all Muslims, and he may give salvation to all Muslims, and you are included in the group of good and righteous. May our endings and endings be admired. Praise be to Allah Almighty (swt), who made us read and understand this blessed work.

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