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The patient and compassionate heart of Hz. Hatice and her material and spiritual sacrifices made invaluable contributions to the flourishing and development of Islam. It was she who opened the first teacher, first nurse, first housewife courses. Hz. An unbending will like Ali is a hero and a sea of knowledge has grown in his hands. There is a direct relationship between the support and understanding he gives to his wife and the social, economic and political rise of Islam.
This book, which tells about the life of the Prophet's biggest supporter, his confidant and the first person who believed in him, will give great pleasure while reading this book with its unique and unconventional narration, and will invite many things to rethink.

'Allah did not give anyone better than Khadija... While the people denied me while they were in disbelief, she confirmed it. He believed...'
Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)-

'Author Ahmet Cemil Akıncı has demonstrated his mastery with the books he has published before. The novelization of such a scholarly subject is quite responsible. I believe that the necessary sensitivity has been shown in this matter.'
Hekimoglu Ismail

Hz. Hatice

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  • Author Name : Ahmet Cemil Akinci

    Publisher : Bahar Publications

    Original Language : Turkish

    Genre : Historical Novel

    Paper Information : Imported Paper

    Number of Pages: 416

    Book Dimensions: 13.5 x 21 cm.

    Hardcover Barcode No : 9789754506020

    Paperback Cover  Barcode No:  9789754500622

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