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Historical Novel

"The Best Mother."

Work Name: Hz. Amine (Hardcover)

Author Name: Ahmet Cemil Akıncı

Publisher: Bahar Publications

Original Language: Turkish

Genre: Historical Novel

Skin Information: Hardcover

Paper Information: Imported Paper



The prophet, who was sent as a mercy to the realms, came to life in his presence. The name amine will of course be remembered forever with goodness and gratitude as the mother of the believers, as it mediates the birth of the lord of the unforgettable realms.

He lived in a society that floated in all kinds of heresy, away from all bad deeds and ambitions. The chastity of her birth preserved its cleanliness and purity and passed these on to her son as well.

In this book, Ahmet Cemil Akıncı presents us the life story of the best mother in a poetic language and an immersive narrative. Starting from the elders of the Hashimoğulları, to which our Prophet is a member, he traces the arrival of the Mercy Herald, the miracles of his birth and the first days of his life. He has successfully romanized from the amine perspective and paying attention to historical data.

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