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Historical Novel

She is a woman of an era in which morality was unknown. Although he was widowed at a young age, he was not caught up in bad customs and habits. While he was in the swamp, he did not keep dirt and lived cleanly. He spent his wealth not on his ambition, but on charity. In that age, while women were not worth as much as a female camel, girls acquired these characteristics by themselves while buried in the sand. He has read and taught. Hz. An unbending will like Ali is a hero and the world of knowledge has grown in his hands.

His patient and compassionate heart and his material and spiritual sacrifices made invaluable contributions to the flourishing and development of Islam. There is a direct relationship between his support and understanding of his wife and the social, economic and political rise of Islam.

This book, which tells about the life of the greatest supporter of the Prophet, his troublemaker and the person who first believed in him, will give great pleasure while reading with its unique narrative far from the usual views and will invite you to rethink many things.

'Allah did not give anything better than Khadija ... When the people were swearing, he confirmed it while they denied me. He believed ... '
Hz. Muhammad (saas) -

'Author Ahmet Cemil Akıncı has demonstrated his mastery with the books he has previously published. Romanizing such a scientific subject is very responsible. I believe that the necessary sensitivity has been shown in this regard. '
Hekimoğlu İsmail

Work Name: Hz. Hatice

Author Name: Ahmet Cemil Akıncı

Publisher: Bahar Publications

Original Language: Turkish

Genre: Historical Novel

Volume Information: Paperback

Paper Information: 60 gr. Imported Paper

Date of Publication: March 2020

Publication Information: 6th Edition

Number of Pages: 400

Book Dimensions: 13.5 x 21 cm.

Book Weight: 200 gr.

ISBN No: 978-975-450-062-2

Barcode No: 9789754500622

Tag Price: 38.00 TL

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