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Historical Novel

Hz. Uthman is the second caliph Hz. The state, which he inherited from Ömer and expanded with great victories, more than doubled during the twelve-year caliphate. By building a navy to a nation that spread Islam from south of Egypt to North Africa and even from a part of the Aegean to Transoxiana, Istanbul was able to come close to Istanbul.

Ahmet Cemil Akıncı's book in your hand is Hz. It is an excellent work that tells the life of Osman in novel style and all aspects.


We present the book to you with the meticulous examination and control of expert writers and theologians as in the other series of the author, and we are happy to complete the lives of the four great caliphs with the unique style of Akıncı.

Work Name: Hz. Osman


Publisher: Bahar Publications

Original Language: Turkish

Volume Information: Paperback

Paper Information: 60 gr. Imported Paper

Date of Publication: 2020

Publication Information: 5th Edition

Number of Pages: 405

Book Dimensions: 13.5 x 21 cm.

ISBN No: 978-975-450-127-8

Barcode No: 9789754501278

Tag Price: 38.00 TL

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