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"Indeed, in their (past prophets and their ummahs) stories there are many signs for the wise." (Yusuf 111)

Allah the Exalted in the Qur'an; He states that he sent him to take advice for our servants, to recite it by contemplation, to gain the consciousness of oneness and servitude, to encourage goodness by revealing the models of good and evil through stories, to avoid evil, and to get out of the darkness to the light.

We have to guide the revelation to our lives and shape all our behaviors accordingly.

Our beloved Prophet Hz. Muhammad (pbuh)

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  • Eser Adı : Sevgili Peygamberimiz Hz. Muhammed (s.a.v.) (4 Kitap)

    Eser Alt Başlığı : Siyer-i Nebi


    Yayınevi : Bahar Yayınları

    Orijinal Dil : Türkçe

    Türü : Tarih / Siyer

    Kağıt Bilgisi : İthal Kağıt

    Basım Tarihi :   Şubat 2022

    Basım Bilgisi : 1. Basım

    Sayfa Sayısı : 2240

    Kitap Boyutları : 13,5 x 21 cm.

    Karton Kapak Barkod No :  9789754506792

    Ciltli Barkod No:  9789754506907

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