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Sufi Classics

Work Name: Tasawwuf Road

Work Subtitle: Sufi Classics

Author Name: Abdülkadir Geylani

Translator's Name: Assoc. Dr. Abdulvehhab Ozturk

Publisher: Bahar Publications

Original Language: Turkish

Volume Information: Paperback

Date of Publication: 2020

Publication Information: 5th Edition

Paper Information: Imported Paper

Number of Pages: 184

Book Dimensions: 13.5 x 19.5 cm.

ISBN No: 978-975-450- 190-2

Barcode No: 9789754501902

Label Price: 25.00 TL


This book is considered one of the greatest works of Imam Abdulkadir Geylani rahmetullahi. The book deals with the principles of Sufism and suluk, and its sources are the supreme book of Allah, the sunnah of His Messenger (sallallahu ta'ala alayhi wa sallam), and the real words of the Companions and nature.

This book is a great book that provides great benefits. In this book, Imam His Holiness has brought together the most necessary things for those who want to be at Hakka.

The book begins with what is necessary for every believer and muslim. Then he moves on to the subjects of death and exam He avoids the world and encourages him not to face it.

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