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History of Prophets

Title: Hz. Adam

Work Subtitle: History of the Prophets

Author Name: Ahmet Cemil Akıncı

Publisher: Bahar Publications

Original Language: Turkish

Genre: Historical Novel

Volume Information: Paperback

Paper Information: 60 gr. Imported Paper

Date of Publication: 2021

Publication Information: 1st Edition

Number of pages :

Book Dimensions: 13.5 x 21 cm.

ISBN No: 978-975-450- -

Barcode No: 978975450

Tag Price: 38.00 TL





This series, which tells about the stories of the prophets whose names are mentioned in the Quran, is a modern continuation of the 'Kısas ı enbiya' literature in Islamic Culture. In this work, which was prepared as a result of a long and intense effort, verses on the subject were tried to be conveyed, the places where the struggle of the prophets were shown with maps and the work was enriched with poems. The author succeeded in attracting the reader to the atmosphere in which the prophets lived with an emotional and immersive narrative within the fiction of the novel and was able to give his work a feature that can be read with pleasure.


"Every ummah has a prophet." (Dolphin, 47)


"We sent many prophets before you. We have told you the stories of some of them, and some we have not told." (Believer, 78)


The History of the Prophets Series consists of 12 books in total and includes the lives of 27 prophets mentioned in the Quran.


Other Books of the History of the Prophets Series (12 Book Set)

  1. Hz. Adam

  2. Hz. Noah

  3. Hz. Salih

  4. Hz. Ibrahim

  5. Hz. Ismail

  6. Hz. Joseph

  7. Hz. Eyyup

  8. Hz. Moses

  9. Hz. David

  10. Hz. Solomon

  11. Hz. Yunus

  12. Hz. Jesus

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